Java Web Start Applications

NetPhantom comes with a set of demonstration applications that also use the Java Web Start technology. Launch them by clicking below. NetPhantom Editor and Server includes a facility to publish the applications using Java Web Start.

About Java Web Start Technology

Using Java Web Start technology, standalone Java software applications can be deployed with a single click over the network. Java Web Start ensures the most current version of the application will be deployed, as well as the correct version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). For more information about this technology, click here.  

  NetPhantom Applications

Click on the Launch icon beside the application to start it. These applications will install an item in the Start menu, under the NetPhantom Demo Apps submenu and also create a short-cut on the desktop. These are uninstalled from the Windows Control Panel in the "Programs and Features" (Windows Vista) or "Add/Remove Programs" under previous Windows XP or earlier.

Report printing
This sample shows you ways that enables NetPhantom to print reports to the printer attached to the client by means of a Report Printing API.
This is the classic game, Four-in-a-row. The object of this game is to get four Xs or Os in a row before NetPhantom beats you!
Phantom Session Booster
This sample demonstrates the main features of NetPhantom in cooperation with Phantom Session Booster, an AS/400 or iSeries specific application. This sample uses captured screens recorded from the AS/400 and emulates some of the functionality.
Tree Control
This sample is intended to familiarize the user with the NetPhantom Tree Control and the Java programming interface.
Business Graphics
This sample is intended to familiarize the user with the Phantom Business graphics functions. The Business Graphics API supports the following chart types: column, bar, lines, spray and pie.
Live Mainframe Terminal using SSL
A secure SSL connection to a Live 3270 Mainframe terminal at the Berkeley University. This sample shows the terminal application in NetPhantom that can be customized and new functionality added by means of a Java API.
NetPhantom and Swing
This sample shows the Java SwingSet sample integrated into a NetPhantom panel. It shows the graphic components available in Swing.
NetPhantom and Java2D
Even advanced graphics can be integrated into NetPhantom. Here a NetPhantom User Window embeds the Java2D sample from the Sun Java Development Kit.
Server Administration
This is the NetPhantom Server Administration program. Some servers only allows access to this application using SSL and also requires user authentication.