Font and Image Client settings

NetPhantom Client now scales the font and images by default according the System resolution setting (DPI = Dots Per Inch), e.g. in the Windows Control Panel. New devices with high resolution screens of the type "Retina" often uses 125% larger fonts in order to be readable. This feature also accommodates visually impaired users providing larger fonts and images.

To accomodate this new screen resolution, two new options are added to the NetPhantom Client: FONT and SCALEIMAGES.


The font option is specified as FONT:type[:value] where type[:value] can be:

Scales the font as if the DPI from the system is set to dpi.
Sizes the font point sizes to integer-rounded values according the dpi value.
Scales all fonts exactly using Java method "Font.derive" in a percent value (without % sign).
Sizes the font sizes to integer-rounded values with the percent value (without % sign).

Unspecified percent or dpi reads the setting from the system.


To turn off automatic image scaling that is relative to the font scaling, specify SCALEIMAGES:0.